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Framing Award for Rolf

Tandragee picture framer Rolf Lawson GCF has qualified as a Guild Commended Framer, the professional qualification that distinguishes skilled framers from the semi-skilled and provides consumers with a recognised way to find excellent craftsmanship and service. Only 950 framers worldwide have achieved this qualification, so local people are lucky that his business, Pelican Picture Framing in Tandragee, has not one but two qualified GCFs.

Guild Commended Framers are awarded their qualification by the Fine Art Trade Guild, the international trade association for the industry. Framing skills and knowledge are examined rigorously by an independent Guild appointed tester.

If you think that all there is to framing is joining four pieces of wood together then think again! An inadequate framing job can damage your artwork, sometimes irreversibly. Rolf has demonstrated that he understands the importance of conservation framing, the use of appropriate materials to avoid future problems and also the range of framing options available to his customers.

Knowledge and technology are improving all the time and precious and valuable pieces should be regularly checked by a professional framer who can take remedial action to protect them for future enjoyment.

Unprofessional framing may allow unsightly stains to appear or gradually cause the artwork to go brown and the paper to weaken; eventually a picture may literally fall apart, says Rolf. These things can be avoided by choosing a qualified professional and Rolf Lawson GCF, and his business Pelican Picture Framing in Tandragee, provide that professional service for all their customers.

Ulster Gazette - 30th November 2007
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